Public lecture: Building a future from the atoms up

In this public lecture at Canada’s Perimeter Institute, Stanford materials scientist Rob Moore will explore how the next great “age” of humankind may well be forged in the new world of quantum materials in a public lecture titled: A Material World – Building a Future from the Atoms Up.

From the Stone Age to the Silicon Age, nothing has had a more profound influence on the world than our understanding of the materials around us. The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and the Information Revolution of the 20th were fueled by humankind’s ability to understand, harness, and control materials.

Our ongoing quest to find and develop new kinds of materials, in hopes of tackling some of society’s most challenging energy problems, requires us to learn how to build materials from the atom up. Doing so means combining state-of-the-art technologies (such as growing thin-film materials) with cutting-edge techniques for probing the electron structure. Relatively recent advances in these fields have given researchers unprecedented understanding and insight into creating new materials with exotic and useful properties.

Watch the video live above at 9 am AEST on Thursday 5 April (or 7 pm ET / 11 pm GMT on Wednesday 4 April) .

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