• Newton in the pilot’s seat

    How to land a Mars rover when you’re many, many millions of kilometres away.

    It takes a lot of thought and a lot of work to land a rover on Mars. It’s not as if you’re on Earth, where you can ch...

    Physics March 2, 2021
  • What drones can tell us about penguins

    Algorithm works out the logistics and saves a lot of time.

    How do you keep a close and regular eye on 300,000 nesting pairs of Adélie penguins spread over two square kilometres...

    Automation October 29, 2020
  • Electric cars are better for the environment

    Study confirms they produce fewer emissions.

    A global analysis has verified that electric cars and heat pumps generate less greenhouse gas over their life cycle t...

    Automation March 24, 2020
  • How morally egalitarian are we?

    Exploring the ethics of automated vehicle accidents.

    In 2018 the results of a massive and audacious online experiment into human morality, published in the journal Nature...

    Automation March 4, 2020
  • Algorithms predicting parole outcomes

    A promising way to calculate the risk of reoffending.

    The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, which results in overcrowded prisons and all the additional v...

    Automation February 17, 2020
  • Auto aircraft landing system passes test

    Ironing out GPS glitches negates the need for ground support.

    German researchers have demonstrated an automatic landing system for aircraft that they say works without the need fo...

    Automation July 4, 2019