• A new wave way to grow biomaterials

    Controlling biofilms opens a world of opportunities.

    Australian physicists have developed a way to use waves to manipulate the growth of bacteria biofilms – one of the mo...

    Physics June 6, 2020
  • Making water-repellent surfaces toughen up

    New approach equips them for the real world.

    Superhydrophobic surfaces are smart, but not that tough. They repel water brilliantly but are easy to cut, scratch...

    Physics June 6, 2020
  • Snapshot

    Watch the art of Roman Hill on film

    Fluid dynamics in action can be a visual feast.

    Roman Hill’s canvas is eight square millimetres of glass and his media are commonly available: oil, water, ink, paint...

    Physics June 3, 2020
  • A laser that could really make waves

    Researchers deliver high energy in a trillionth of a second.

    Physicists in Australia and the US have developed a new type of laser that can deliver high amounts of energy in very...

    Physics May 27, 2020
  • Microwave signal stability gets a boost

    Researchers report a 100-fold improvement.

    US researchers say they have taken a giant step towards more accurate time dissemination, improved navigation and mor...

    Physics May 22, 2020
  • When you cough, how far can it go?

    Physics suggests we should be ‘distancing’ further.

    Airborne transmission of viruses is not well understood, but a good baseline for study is a deeper understanding of h...

    Physics May 20, 2020
  • Scanning with golden ‘bow ties’

    Detectors would operate in terahertz region.

    Australian and British physicists have unveiled their design for a high-precision detector they say could enable a ne...

    Physics May 8, 2020
  • 2D materials with a twist

    Doing it a scale could release their potential.

    Welcome to the world of twistronics – electronics with a twist. There is increasing interest in the potential of t...

    Physics May 4, 2020
  • Just how runny can a liquid get?

    It seems there’s an equation for that.

    You’ve probably never wondered how runny a liquid can get, which is no bad thing because it’s not an easy question to...

    Physics April 27, 2020
  • History

    Hans Geiger counts particles

    His device changed physics and films.

    The Geiger counter is fundamental to popular entertainment, especially in sci-fi films in which a scientist carrying ...

    Physics April 27, 2020
  • Wiring quantum computers

    Researchers propose new ‘simple build’.

    Physicists from Japan and Australia have proposed a novel two-dimensional design for a quantum computer that can be c...

    Physics April 24, 2020
  • Getting to grips with superconductivity

    Energy gap modulations in a cuprate superconductor.

    The explanation of this schematic diagram may do your head in if you’re not a physicist, but the work is well worth n...

    Physics April 2, 2020
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