• Whip you up a diamond? No pressure

    Researchers do it in the lab, at room temperature.

    Australian-led research has taken a leaf out of Superman’s comic book and created diamonds at room temperature for th...

    Physics November 20, 2020
  • On the wings of an owl

    And maybe, one day, the wings of an aircraft.

    There’s a lot of learning going on about how owls fly – and what we can learn from that. Last month, as reported i...

    Physics November 20, 2020
  • Can we control where lightning strikes?

    Laser technology offers some tantalising clues.

    Pioneering laser technology could be used to tame lightning and control where it strikes the ground, according to an ...

    Physics November 14, 2020
  • A new spin on atoms

    Strange things happen when they get really close.

    US researchers have developed a way to control and measure atoms that are so close together they are impossible to di...

    Physics November 3, 2020
  • History

    Robert Hooke, a man for the times

    An underrated overachiever in the world of science.

    Robert Hooke was one of the greatest scientists of the 17th century. Think about that. Hooke was born in England, ...

    Physics October 30, 2020
  • Pushing the laser limit

    Researchers offer a taste of what’s possible.

    Australian quantum researchers have shown it’s possible to vastly improve the coherence of lasers, overcoming a bound...

    Physics October 27, 2020
  • History

    Georges Lemaître comes in with a bang

    Belgian priest a big part of big scientific debates.

    In 1927, Catholic priest Georges Lemaître published a paper in the Annales de la Societe scientifique de Bruxelles in...

    Physics October 24, 2020
  • Making it easier to find ‘new Earths’

    Australian sensor can correct the distortion of starlight.

    Australian researchers have combined artificial intelligence and photonics to develop a new type of adaptive optics s...

    Physics October 23, 2020
  • It happened in just a few zeptoseconds

    Physicists measure the shortest unit of time.

    German physicists say they have measured the shortest unit of time ever – a mere 247 zeptoseconds.  Schematic rep...

    Physics October 20, 2020
  • Honey goes with the flow

    Clever coatings reverse the rules of viscosity.

    Water flows more quickly than honey – except, perhaps, when it doesn’t. Physicists in Finland were surprised to fi...

    Physics October 17, 2020
  • Superconductor happy at room temperature

    Physics first achieved under great pressure.

    US physicists have created a material that appears to conduct electricity with perfect efficiency at 15 degrees Celsi...

    Physics October 16, 2020
  • Conversation

    Could Schrödinger’s cat exist in real life?

    New research may soon provide an answer.

    By Stefan Forstner, University of Queensland Have you ever been in more than one place at the same time? If you’re...

    Physics October 15, 2020
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