Hawking’s posthumous, timely book

A new book of essays by the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking will be published in October this year, adding to the public archive of the great scientist’s work – and almost certainly topping the bestseller lists in time for Christmas.

In a joint announcement, Hawking’s long-time North American publisher, Bantam, and his estate, said the new book will be called Brief Answers to Brief Questions.

Work on the book was already underway before Hawking’s death in March this year at the age of 76. 

According to the publisher, the new volume will comprise “a selection of his most profound, accessible, and timely reflections from his personal archive”.

It will be organised into four sections, tackling the questions: Why are we here? Will we survive? Will technology save or destroy us? Can we survive?

Hawking’s agent said the book arose from thousands of letters sent to the physicist from people seeking answers to questions of science. Writing and collating responses to some of these was one of the last projects he concerned himself with.

“Communication was so important to our father in his lifetime and we see this book as part of his legacy, bringing together his thoughts, humour, theories and writing into one beautiful edition,” said his daughter, Lucy Hawking.

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