Fusion power as the way of the future

Fusion power is the energy source of the future. It’s the perfect carbon free energy source and one of the few sustainable options to replace fossil fuels on a global scale. The conditions for fusion have been reached, but what scientific questions still need to be resolved to bring it in to the mainstream? How can we hasten the first fusion electricity?

Professor Steven Cowley will address these very questions in an upcoming lecture at the University of Sydney this Thursday, 6 July.

Professor Cowley is a theoretical physicist and international authority on nuclear fusion and astrophysical plasmas, and is President of Corpus Christi College Oxford. He will be attending the School of Physics at the University of Sydney as a guest of the Professor Harry Messel International Science School (ISS) to discuss fusion power and the potential challenges, opportunities and solutions we are likely to face in the future.

With the need for carbon free energy more pressing than ever before, this presentation will provide a valuable and challenging insight to the future power sources and sustainability of our society. Visit the event page for more information or to register online.

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