National Science Week 2017

Universities, schools, research institutions, libraries and museums from across the nation are coming together today as Australia welcomes National Science Week 2017. With over 1000 events planned throughout the country, there’s somethings for kids and adults, science amateurs and professionals alike.

As a proud sponsor of National Science Week, Cosmos is excited to join in the celebration of science and technology in our society. What better way to do that than by looking back on some of the biggest stories of 2017?

It’s been a year like no other in the weird and wonderful world of science, with plenty to keep us writing about week after week. Researchers found out why the universe smells so bad, we discovered a non-synthesising plant in Japan, and scientists created a whole new form of matter. Disney developed wireless electricity, and physicists figured out how to make metallic hydrogen in a lab for the very first time.

From right on our doorstep to the furthest corner of outer space, scientists have answered many questions this year. But, for every question answered follows dozens more that still need to be solved.

We encourage you to keep asking questions and let your imagination run wild this National Science Week. To continue celebrating wherever you are in Australia, check out our guide on how to get involved in all the festivities.

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