Host your own science film festival

Australians have the opportunity to host screenings of the very best of science cinema throughout August.

In support of National Science week, the entire program from SCINEMA International Science Film Festival 2019 will be available – plus a few extras for good measure.

There are 10 playlists to choose from, with 23 festival entries and a variety of features, shorts, documentaries, and animated and experimental films.

All you need is a venue, an internet connection, snacks and drinks.

The playlists and more information are available here

“The best thing about SCINEMA is that anyone can host their own event, and anyone can attend one, making this not only the largest National Science Week event, but also the most varied,” says Alan Duffy, lead scientist for The Royal Institution of Australia, which runs SCINEMA.

“SCINEMA brings the world’s best science films and documentaries to Australia with everything from space to slime-moulds to sharks.

“I know that our playlists will have something for everyone no matter their interest or experience in science.” 

If you have a specific theme in mind for your festival, you can take your pick of films from the animal, environment, space or body playlists. 

There are also playlists for different age groups if you’re wanting to run an event for your school or organisation. 

What are you waiting for?

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