Talking critically endangered Plains-wanderers with Keeper Tegan Atkins

The critically endangered Plains-wanderer is a native Australian bird found only in small, fragmented populations regions in western Victoria, eastern South Australia and in the western Riverina region of New South Wales.

In September, 2022, 15 of these birds were released into Oolambeyan National Park in NSW, in a joint conservation effort involving the NSW, SA and Victorian Governments.

In an effort to better understand their movements, some of the Plains-wanderers were even wearing tiny, solar-powered satellite backpacks capable of tracking them for up to 2 years.

The birds were selected from breeding programs across Australia, including 11 from Taronga Western Plains Zoo in NSW, one from Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria, and three from Monarto Safari Park in SA.

Cosmos journalist Imma Perfetto talked to Tegan Atkins, a Plains-wanderer Keeper from Monarto, about just what makes these quirky little birds so special, how you keep them happy while being bred in captivity, and why collaboration is so important in conservation.

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