Nominate your favourite species for Australian Mammal of the Year now!

Voting for Australian Mammal of the Year 2023 is now open!

To vote, and for more information on the voting process, click here.

Attention all mammal enthusiasts! The time has come to nominate your favourite species to be in the running for 2023’s Australia’s Mammal of the Year.

The annual competition raises the public profile of Australia’s unique mammals, some of which can use the publicity to help generate community volunteers, fundraising, or even support from the Government for their conservation.

Getting to know our mammals also builds a new understanding of their habitat, how it is being impacted by humans, and ways in which it too can be conserved.

Participate throughout the event by nominating your favourite mammal, voting for it to remain in the competition, and supporting other critters.

Nominations will be open for two weeks from Monday 26 June to Tuesday 11 July and during that time you can nominate as many species as you’d like, as many times as you’d like.

Peruse our catalogue of expert-written mammal species profiles in the Australian Mammal of the Year category, or check out the AMTC Australian Mammal Species List, for inspiration!

Once nominations close, we’ll sort the shortlist into 8 voting categories. Then, voting for species within those categories will officially open on Friday 14 July.

So, get nominating!

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