Get ready, the Australian Mammal of the Year Competition is back again for 2023!

Voting for Australian Mammal of the Year 2023 is now open!

To vote, and for more information on the voting process, click here.

Yes, that’s right, after the raging success of last year’s inaugural competition, Cosmos is once again kicking off the search for Australia’s Mammal of the Year.

Our continent is home to over 300 officially described native mammal species, with the vast majority being endemic – found nowhere else in the world – so there’s no shortage of runners to root for in this race!

In 2022, it ultimately came down to a nailbiting final round, with the delightful dingo and superb southern bent-wing bat duking it out for top spot. In the end, our favourite microbat was named 2022’s Australian Mammal of the Year. Can they manage it again this year, or will we crown a new winner?

Nominations are open as of Monday 26 June and will run for two weeks until Tuesday 11 July. During this time, you’ll be able to nominate any Australian mammal to be considered for AMOTY 2023. We’ll finalise the list of nominated species and voting will officially open Friday 14 July.

Until then, we’ll be regularly posting articles written by mammal experts spruiking their favourite species – sharing amazing facts and their most endearing characteristics to try to win your vote! You can read them, and species profiles written last year, here.

There’ll be some familiar (often furry) faces among the lot, but also opportunities to learn about lesser-known and underappreciated species. Who knows, you might even find a new favourite mammal to call your own!

Which lucky species will win your heart? Koala? One of the wallabies? Humpback whale? Or something less famous, like the spectacled flying-fox or kultarr?

We can’t wait to find out!

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