The view from orbit: Super Typhoon Noru

Super typhoon noru, photographed on 1 august 2017 from the international space station.
Super Typhoon Noru, photographed on 1 August 2017 from the International Space Station.
Randy Bresnik / NASA / ISS

Super Typhoon Noru is a massive tropical cyclone in the western Pacific Ocean.

It was briefly rated a Category 5 storm – the strongest kind, with wind speeds greater than 250 kilometres per hour – on July 31, before easing up on August 1.

Residents of southern Japan are preparing for a potential landfall around August 5, though the paths of cyclones are notoriously hard to predict with precision.

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik, aboard the International Space Station, snapped this breathtaking picture of the storm and the blue curve of the ocean.

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