From the everyday to evil – should you be worried about AI?

In this final episode of The Science Briefing’s four-part series on Artificial Intelligence, Dr Sophie Calabretto speaks with Cosmos Magazine journalist Petra Stock about the many ethical dilemmas arising from AI – the data it draws on, the algorithms and applications – from privacy to bias to legal problems, and possible solutions. 

The podcast series prompts discussion about AI, from the fun and curious to the down-right evil. 

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If you missed the first three episodes –

In Parts 1 and 2, science journalist Evrim Yazgin explains how we interact with AI in everyday life, before delving into infamous chatbot ChatGPT in greater depth (listen in for some chatbot-generated knock-knock jokes). 

In Part 3, science journalist Jacinta Bowler considers the good, the bad and the ugly uses of AI systems.

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