Can EVs survive the summer roadtrip?

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This summer you might be planning a road trip. With a petrol car, there’s probably no worry in your mind that you could find petrol if required. But how do people with electric vehicles (EVs) do it? Is Australia just too big for them?

This year, Cosmos released ‘Debunks’, our podcast which asks the questions that you actually want to know the answers to.

In series one we looked at electric vehicles. Do they really go the distance? Are they better for the planet? And what about all those battery fires?

The four episodes in the season we talks to scientists, and battery experts, even firefighters.

They’re perfect for a Christmas drive – whether you’re in an EV or not – so check it out below.

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With Debunks, each week a journalist in the Cosmos newsroom expertly guides listeners through the science topics of the day, from electric vehicles to bushfires.

Debunks is a partnership between Nine Podcasts and Cosmos.

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