Cosmos Country: How solar thermal storage can help regional industry

What we do with our excess sunlight is the pressing question of the green energy transition.

Sunlight can be pumped into batteries, but batteries are expensive and they degrade.

Sunlight can push water uphill for hydro-electricity generation – if you have the hills. And the water.

Sunlight can break water into hydrogen, but that’s explosive, corrosive and bulky.

Sunlight can also be converted into heat which, believe it or not, can be canned.

In this episode of Cosmos Country, hosts Jamie Seidel and Marie Low speak with Dominic Zaal, Director of the CSIRO’s Australian Thermal Research Institute about solar thermal storage and what it takes for rural and regional industries to decarbonise while keeping the light on at night.

The Greenlight Project is a year-long look at how regional Australia is preparing for and adapting to climate change.

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