Cosmos Briefing: The Hydrogen Solution

Join our Cosmos Briefing The Hydrogen Solution, Thursday 11 March.

To combat the climate crisis, the world needs to decarbonise its economy, and that means finding ways to store and transport renewable electricity. Hydrogen has the potential to be a completely clean supply of energy, but it could just as easily become the next emissions and resource-intensive industry. If hydrogen takes off, where can we expect it to go?

Dr Jessica Allen and Associate Professor Adam Osseiran will join host Professor Alan Duffy of The Royal Institution of Australia for the 45-minute session, beginning 3pm AEDT. To attend, please register here.

Allen is an electrochemist and an engineer who was engaged in hydrogen energy before it was cool. She has worked in the energy field across both industry and academia for more than 10 years and is currently an academic in chemical engineering at the University of Newcastle. Allen focuses on developing sustainable materials and processes that use renewable energy inputs to generate useful products, including hydrogen, on an industrial scale.

Osseiran is the President of the Hydrogen Society of Australia. He has a PhD in microelectronics and holds eight patents related to various sensors. His research focus includes neuromorphic sensing, artificial intelligence systems, environmental monitoring, water quality and sustainable energy systems.

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