Eel-like robot to become seabed janitor

Most remotely operated vehicles are large and bulky, making them costly and impractical for use in quick fixes. Enter Eelume. This serpent-like robot is able to move through the water by slithering like a snake or employing thrusters attached to its tail, allowing it move quickly through the water and provide quick response intervention. 

Developers of Eelume suggest that it will not only reduce the cost of maintenance under the sea but also provide an easy way of carrying out regular tasks. With its slender and flexible body, the Eelume robot is able to reach tight and restricted undersea spaces whenever needed.

Currently, the robots need to be tethered by a power cord, but Eelume’s creators hope to free future versions as the technology advances. The hope is that they will one day be permanently installed on the sea floor, where they’ll perform planned and on-demand operations.


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