Australians spent $4.21 billion on video games last year

Cost of living concerns haven’t dampened Australians’ love for video games, with consumers spending $4.21 billion on games hardware, software and peripherals in 2022, according to new data released by industry body, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association.

The strong retail support suggests a bright future for the video gaming industry in Australia.

Of the total, mobile purchases made up $1.56 billion, digital $1.5 billion and traditional retail $1.15 billion. 

Spending on all three segments increased on 2021 figures according to the research by Newzoo commissioned by the IGEA.

With stabilising supply chains, Australians had more access to the newest consoles than in previous years. Combined with the new games on offer, this led to a boom in console sales through retail stores. Nintendo Switch remained the best-selling platform by unit sales.

Australian spending increased, in contrast to a spending decline globally. 

“Australians love to play video games; they use them for entertainment, to have fun, to relax and connect with friends and family,” Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA says in a statement.

“The added benefit is that the consumer demand for games in Australia and internationally allows Australia to build a substantial video game development industry,” he says.

The IGEA’s annual report Digital Australia shows 17 million Australians play video games, playing an average of 83 minutes per day. Nearly half – 46% – of video game players are female.

That research, a Bond University survey of 1,204 households, found 92% of all households had at least one device for playing games, the most common type being a dedicated games console. 

Video games ranked second, after streaming television or movies, as a form of entertainment in Australian households (and well ahead of books, newspapers, podcasts and social media).

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