Life-saving portable X-ray machines

Can a CT scanner fit onto an ambulance? Why would you even want to do it? Portable X-Ray machines are not only more comfortable for patients, they can save crucial minutes to get to treatment. This is particularly the case with stroke victims, for whom the first few hours of treatment will make a difference … Continue reading Life-saving portable X-ray machines

Gallery: Seeing Things Differently

Next week, hundreds of virtual and in-person events are going to happen across the country as part of National Science Week. One event, run at Adelaide-based X-ray imaging company Micro-X, aims to find the art in scientific imagery. Done in collaboration with Digido Studios and Flinders University, the Seeing Things Differently event will allow people … Continue reading Gallery: Seeing Things Differently

First light detected from behind a black hole

For the first time, astrophysicists have caught sight of light reflected from behind a black hole, proving Einstein right yet again. You may have heard that nothing – not even light – can escape a black hole, but this isn’t strictly true. Anything that crosses the event horizon is forever lost, but the hot disc … Continue reading First light detected from behind a black hole

Ultra-fine X-rays tested on cancer cells

Australian scientists have trialled in rats a new radiation therapy technique that uses ultra-fine X-rays to target brain cancer cells with precision. Working at the Australian Synchrotron, a team from the University of Wollongong combined personalised microbeam radiation therapy (MRT) with what they describe as an innovative assessment of tumour dose-coverage. It is, they say, … Continue reading Ultra-fine X-rays tested on cancer cells