Can we really extract ancient DNA from dinosaurs?

From million-year-old dinosaur remains to ‘resurrecting’ mammoths, stories in the news about ancient DNA make it seem as though Jurassic Park is just around the corner. But ancient DNA is also an important tool for viewing the past. The only problem is that it’s not quite as abundant or easy to use as some think. … Continue reading Can we really extract ancient DNA from dinosaurs?

Can mums-to-be drink coffee?

There is “no safe level” of caffeine consumption for women who are pregnant or trying for a baby, according to an international study released this week. But Aussie experts argue the warnings are “alarmist” and say the study recommendations may unnecessarily worry hopeful and expectant mothers. The paper reviewed 48 studies over the past 20 … Continue reading Can mums-to-be drink coffee?

New species of sea snake discovered

A new species of turtle-headed sea snake has been discovered in Western Australia, bringing the total number of species native to the WA coasts to six. Emydocephalus orarius, otherwise known as the Western Turtle-headed sea snake was found in soft, sandy habitats in Western Australia’s Coral Coast, Pilbara, and Kimberley Regions. The researchers from the University … Continue reading New species of sea snake discovered

Early humans were promiscuous

Turns out that our ancient ancestors weren’t exactly shy when it came to trying new things. A new analysis has revealed that as the ancestors of modern humans (homo sapiens) moved out of Africa and across Eurasia, they would try get it on with just about anyone they came across. In fact, genetic analysis has … Continue reading Early humans were promiscuous

Indigenous arrival huge planned migration

The size of the first population of people needed to arrive, survive, and thrive in what is now Australia is revealed in two studies. It took more than 1,000 people to form a viable population. But this was no accidental mass migration, as our work shows the first arrivals must have been planned. Our data … Continue reading Indigenous arrival huge planned migration

New bee species discovered

South Australian researchers have discovered 26 new species of native bees from the outback of Australia. The new species belong to the subgenus Colletellus in the genus Leioproctus in the family Colletidae – the group of the silk bees. The bees in this family cover the inside of their nest with self-produced silk to protect … Continue reading New bee species discovered

Boosting intermittent fasting benefits

The best way to get the most out of intermittent fasting is to combine it with a controlled diet between fasts, shows new research from the University of Adelaide. The researchers, led by obesity researcher Amy Hutchison, found that women who combined intermittent fasting and ongoing dieting lost more weight than those who followed only … Continue reading Boosting intermittent fasting benefits