Life-saving portable X-ray machines

Can a CT scanner fit onto an ambulance? Why would you even want to do it? Portable X-Ray machines are not only more comfortable for patients, they can save crucial minutes to get to treatment. This is particularly the case with stroke victims, for whom the first few hours of treatment will make a difference … Continue reading Life-saving portable X-ray machines

Films that will change how you see the world

Science and storytelling meld into an emotional rollercoaster at SCINEMA, the southern hemisphere’s largest science film festival. From near impossible medical achievements to the complicated love lives of one-in-a-million snails, audiences are taken through the highs and lows of science and what it means to be human. Here’s eight films being shown at the national … Continue reading Films that will change how you see the world

World-first stem cell therapy trial begins

When 67-year-old Kevin Baird arrived at Monash Medical Centre in February after having a stroke, he was no longer able to receive standard stroke treatments. Unfortunately for Kevin, the stroke had left him with significant speech problems and upper-limb weakness. “Before the treatment they asked me if I could raise my hands,” Mr Baird said. … Continue reading World-first stem cell therapy trial begins