Watching proteins dance

Proteins are so small that visualising them working in a cell has long been elusive, but a new study, published in Cell, has found a way to ‘film’ how they move. These tiny molecules, which include insulin, haemoglobin and collagen, do all sorts of things to run our bodies, carrying out work in our cells … Continue reading Watching proteins dance

New, recyclable bone cell

A new bone cell discovery suggests that even cells make an effort to recycle. A team of researchers, led by Michelle McDonald at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and University of New South Wales, discovered a new type of bone cell – called an osteomorph – that may help develop new therapeutic approaches to … Continue reading New, recyclable bone cell

Lockdown loaves show growth potential

As any baking enthusiast will tell you, it’s all about the crumb. In the case of science, the porous nature of the humble bread crumb was the perfect structure for a scaffold. Scaffolds are the literal basis of regenerative medicine. They’re the structure that supports living cells, and developing novel materials suitable for them is … Continue reading Lockdown loaves show growth potential

Mitochondria linked to health in space

As we plan to send more people into space for more time, there’s a growing imperative to understand what spacetime does to people. Health problems observed in returning astronauts range from loss of bone and muscle mass to immune dysfunction and heart and liver problems. Now a multi-disciplinary team is suggesting a possible common thread: … Continue reading Mitochondria linked to health in space