Southern exposure

Citizen scientists gerald eichstädt and seán doran processed this image from publicly available juno data.
Citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran processed this image from publicly available Juno data.
NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt / Seán Doran

This colour-enhanced view of Jupiter’s southern hemisphere shows one of the white ovals in ‘string of pearls’, a group of eight massive rotating storms at a latitude of 40 degrees south on the giant gas planet.

The image was taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft on 24 October 2017 as the probe performed its ninth close flight past Jupiter, at a height of some 33,115 kilometres above the cloud-tops. Each pixel in the image represents a distance of about 22.3 kilometres.

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