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The Feel Good Issue



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Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Want to feel good about the world again? What better way than with Cosmos – the science of everything amazing.

  • Get a sneak peak into the new dark matter detector being built in a gold mine in country Victoria
  • Read about latest research into whether animals other than humans have a sense of humour.
  • Take a trip through space with NASA’s DART spacecraft, heading on an asteroid-destroying trajectory.
  • Investigate a startling new theory in physics: can time go backwards as well?
  • Go behind the scenes to find out about the complex business of staging a holographic concert.
  • How does popping candy work? Why do snorers not wake themselves up? In a new section, readers’ questions big and small are answered by our newsroom.
  • Explore the very, VERY tiny with an amazing new piece of Australian made technology that can watch bacteria in real time.
  • Learn about the international competition pitting two consciousness theories against each other in an attempt to finally define how our minds work.
  • Discover the animals (including us!) listening in before birth, and what they learn for their outside world future.


Cosmos 94: The science of everything – feels good.

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