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Cosmos magazine issue 103: Watch This Space is available now for all new and returning subscribers.

Cosmos delivers the science of everything: on Earth and in space, natural and engineered, known and mysterious. Join Australia’s – and some of the world’s – best writers on their incredible journeys into the world of scientific discovery.

What’s included in a print subscription?

  • Quarterly print edition (4 issues per year), including delivery to your door.
  • Complete access to Cosmos magazine digital back issues

How do we deal with this era of rapid change? 

Issue 103 explores the possibilities of uncertain ground: 

  • Look into the mirror world to spy the emerging digital-twin technology that may soon take entire nations online.
  • Dive into the ocean’s depths to discover why so many life-saving medicines have come from the humble sea sponge.
  • Take a trip west to meet the Noongar Elders sharing knowledge about Indigenous ecology and engineering
  • Visit the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology to learn about the shapeshifting science of 4D printing.
  • Enter the race to hear about the worm-blood doping scandal, and the scientists keeping up with new performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Meet the crack team of physicists with a new way of searching for dark matter – using light.
  • Visit the Kimberley to check out a revegetation project revitalising the bush-food industry and addressing First Nations food sovereignty.
  • All this, plus condensed matter physics, giant trees, moon myths, wildlife photography, puzzles and much more.

Please note: all prices are in AUD. Free delivery only to Australian addresses. Any percentage discounts are always based on retail cover price of $17 per issue.

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