Dances with Wolves: Learning to Live with Them

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Dances with Wolves: Learning to Live with Them



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In this issue:

  • The human cyborg who hears colour
  • Brain stimulation devices – innovations, regulations, reservations
  • Columns by Alan Finkel and Katie Mack
  • The palaeontologists unlocking new fossil treasures using 3D technology
  • Why hating your veggies might make you super
  • WA’s Exmouth Gulf – for industry or sanctuary?
  • Q&A with author and anthropologist Jared Diamond
  • Naracoorte’s caves of fossil wonders
  • How hundred-year-old maths equations are changing forefront physics
  • Ancient stories of stemming the flood take on new meaning
  • Using open source innovation to combat Australia’s feral foe
  • Nature’s murderous mimics
  • Book reviews, puzzle and much, much more

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