SCINEMA 2022 winners annnounced!

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SCINEMA, the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere, has announced the winners of its eight categories.

Registrations are open to watch the annual film festival.

Winners are as varied as science itself.

Best Documentary/Film: Secrets in the Scat (Austria)

Best Short Film: Shattering Stars (USA)

Best Animation/Experimental: How COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Work (USA)

Best Online Format: Unvarnished diaries of a CERN scientist – working on the biggest science experiment ever (Austria)

SCINEMA Junior: The Living Sea (Hong Kong)

SCINEMA Junior Merit Award: Cry of the Corals (India)

Social Impact Award: The Sixth Mass Extinction – Last letter from Wilson (Republic of Korea)

Award for Scientific Merit: The Lake at the Bottom of the World (USA)

SCINEMA’s goal is to celebrate the power of the moving image to inspire the young, satisfy the curious, explain the baffling and ask the impossible.

Any member of the public can host their own SCINEMA Community Screening for free during August in support of National Science Week!

Whether it’s at your school, library, in your local pub or even in your lounge room, you can host your own public or private event. All you need is a screen, computer, access to the internet and an audience (popcorn optional).

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National Science Week

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. Running each year in August, it features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres. These events attract wide audiences from children to adults, and science amateurs to professionals. Over one million people participate in science events across the nation.

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