The next big things in science

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Cosmos is a quarterly science magazine. We aim to inspire curiosity in ‘The Science of Everything’ and make the world of science accessible to everyone.

By Cosmos

Science is churning through an extraordinary amount of hypotheses, ideas, laboratory experiments, clinical and field trials; surveys, exploring distant planets and the smallest elements of matter. It’s engaging individuals, schools, massive cohorts and literature reviews of a few papers, or dozens and hundreds.

But only a few people get to see the big picture…where is all this science leading? Who gets to guess the big ideas for funding, further deep connected research, and to inspire the community to think differently and approach the world in a different way?

Cosmos Science Journalists should, and do.

They are constantly asking themselves why does this matter, where does this fit into our jigsaw, what is the real impact, and can we do better?

We launched our latest podcast series, Science Briefings, which is hosted by Dr Sophie Calabretto. Sophie has produced a great deal of interesting and important content for us over many years.

She’s an Adelaide mathematician specialising in fluid mechanics.

Sophie challenged the team of Cosmos Science Journalists to think about the next seven big things… the response might surprise you.

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