Public lecture: ‘Songs from outer space’

Still a little hazy over why the detection of a billion-year-old echo of the collision of two black holes is considered the discovery of the century? Then tune into this live public lecture webcast by astrophysicist Janna Levin on Wednesday 7pm ET (11pm UTC). 

Levin, whose most recent book is “Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space”, will explain how and why the sound of that collision ringing through spacetime is so significant in understanding the nature of the universe, and what is means for the future of science.

You can view the lecture trailer here and watch Levin’s’ presentation above.

Be part of the discussion: pose questions for Levin by tweeting @Perimeter.

Also check out Graham Phillip’s excellent story on black holes from Cosmos 74 – Autumn 2017, which provides a succinct summary of the centuries of supposition about black holes leading up to the groundbreaking discovery that proved their existence.

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