Livestream: ‘Engineering change in medicine’

021216 perimeterinstitute 1
Biomedical engineer Molly Shoichet will deliver a lecture on translating research to real life.
Credit: Tara Walton / Toronto Star / Getty Images

If you’ve ever wondered how lab research transforms into life-changing, real-world products, you won’t want to miss this live webcast by the University of Toronto biomedical engineer Molly Shoichet next Wednesday at 7pm ET (Thursday 11am AEDT).

Brought to you by the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, Shoichet explores the potential of regenerative medicine to move beyond treating disease to actually stopping and reversing it.

Exploring three case studies – focusing on cancer, blindness and stroke – Shoichet unravels the multidisciplinary innovations that can move regenerative medicine out of the lab and into our lives.

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And don’t worry if you miss the live broadcast; the whole presentation will be recorded for open access via their YouTube channel.

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