Newly discovered species named after David Attenborough

A study led by a team from Campus Fiocrux da Mata Alantica, Brasil have named a new species of mammal after Sir David Attenborough.

Attenborough bat
Sir David Attenborough with members of the research team
Credit: Professor Kris Helgen

As published in the Journal of Mammalogy, myotis attenboroughi is a new species of bat found only in Trinidad and Tobago. This exciting development was made official last week with a ceremony at the Natural History Museum in London where Sir Attenborough was presented with his newly named species.

As found in the study, myotis attenboroughi is distinguished from its close Neotropical relatives with its unique cranial features and cytochrome-b gene sequences. Similar bats exist throughout Central and South America.

Researchers are still trying to determine if Sir Attenborough’s new namesake is found on Trinidad as well as Tobago Island.

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