From the vault: Family ties

You’ve got your mother’s eyes. Your father’s smile. But just how much of who you are can be attributed to the genetic makeup you were born with? This week, Cosmos looks back at articles on the only people in our lives we can’t live without (and oftentimes with) – family.

Nature’s clones: what twins have taught us

Is it our experiences or our genes that make us who we are? Studying twins has revealed unexpected, and often unnerving, insights into the nature versus nurture debate. Read more

Brain cost-efficiency linked to family genes

How well our brain functions is largely based on our family’s genetic makeup, according to a new study which provides the first evidence of a genetic effect on how ‘cost-efficient’ our brain network wiring is. Read more

Facial expressions run in the family

Do you look like your father when you’re angry? Probably more than you’d imagined. Facial expressions may be inherited, Israeli researchers say. Read more

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