Calling citizen scientists for science week

Fancy yourself a bit of a researcher?You’re in luck – during Australia’s National Science Week from 13-21 August (and throughout the year) there are plenty of projects to sink your teeth into.

Here are just a few organisations to contact and ways to get involved:

Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance

Each day of our month-long celebration of coastal and marine citizen science features one of the active citizen science organisations or initiatives across Queensland.

Be inspired by the stories of citizen science achievements and help find the one that’s right for you!

Engaging the general public in data collection can enhance the scope of scientific research – getting volunteers involved in research allows data to be collected more frequently, or over larger areas. Citizen science provides a great way for communities to work together to protect reefs.

Wildlife Spotter

The ABC has more than one million images taken by automatic cameras from many beautiful parts of Australia, but need to know if there is an animal in each photo, and if so, what type of animal it is.

By sharing the load they can get through the images faster – that’s the power of citizen science.

Click here to start classifying. You may win a camera!


DuneWatch was established to give the community an opportunity to assist in collecting vital information on the health of the sand dunes. This will expand the knowledge on the local dune systems and also maps BeachCare’s planting activities.

Sand dunes are an important ecosystem as it protects our shorelines and therefore also our coastal development. Dune vegetation ensures that the sand is held together during storm events and attracts a variety of wildlife.

A number of animal species will find their homes in the dunes; others look for shelter or food. The diversity of plants and animals create a valuable and unique coastal environment as each dune has its own composition.

Riverland Change Exchange

The Riverland Change Exchange is an event for local citizen scientists, as well as anyone interested in learning about citizen science and how they might get involved. This bird themed affair is part of the Murray Mallee Science Hub’s National Science Week Extravaganza at the McCormick Centre in Renmark.

3.30 pm: Citizen Science Change Exchange – what is Citizen Science?
4.00 pm: Riverland showcase stories – locals sharing their knowledge & experience with community monitoring programs
5.00 pm: Bird photography workshop with Southern Birding Services
5.45 pm: Presentation of 2016 Citizen Science Award
Then join us for supper and Citizen Science networking
7.00 pm: Finish

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