With new Podcast Next Gen, Cosmos is going back to school

For all those young or young at heart, Cosmos Magazine and the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) have been brewing up a new podcast series over the past few months.

This week, at the National Youth STEM Summit, the podcast series is finally be launched. 

NYSF Year 12 students from across Australia have turned the spotlight on science topics they’re passionate about, giving listeners the chance to understand the world from their viewpoint.

In coming weeks they’ll be tackling topics such as vape waste, music, scrambled eggs, each week on the Cosmos Podcast feed.

What makes the colour of auroras? What are the scientific principles of misinformation? And why does hair get so weird after being dyed?

The students are the next generation of scientists, science journalists and podcasters, and this project gives them the opportunity to work with real science journalists and editors to make their concept come to life.

Listen to the latest episode below:

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