National Peer Prize for Women in Science

A team of researchers from the University of Tasmania and other interstate universities and organisations have won the 2017 Peer Prize for Women in the category Earth, Environment and Science. The esteemed prize is voted by fellow researchers from around the world and attracts a $20,000 award. The annual competition is designed to highlight women in science and encourage an open knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary innovation. This years’ winning team brings together researchers from around Australia working together in a field of research that has profound implications for industries, communities and ecosystems worldwide. 

Species on the Move

The women honoured with this award were brought together with the Species on the Move project. The team have made a significant contribution to research into the way that species around the world are responding to climate change, and how these changes will impact on humans now and into the future. The winning entry was based on a publication in Science Magazine titled Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: impacts on ecosystems and human well-being. See the video below for a summation of the study.

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