Intergenerational health study seeks participants

Calling all would-be mothers: the University of Sydney is seeking participants for an ambitious intergenerational research study called BABY1000. Beginning before conception and running until the child is 1000 days old, the study will examine the aetiology of disorders like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in a new way. 

The project, led by Adrienne Gordon, will look outside the proverbial box for the causes of these conditions. The researchers will observe how pre-conception and pregnancy health factors – like weight, smoking habits and nutrition – affect the future health of the child. All the information gathered will be used to devise early interventions to prevent the transmission of various diseases from generation to generation. 

This ambitious undertaking, which involves the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital at the Charles Perkins Centre, is currently inviting mothers who are less than 13 weeks pregnant or those who are planning a pregnancy to join and help safeguard the health of future generations. To find out how you could be involved, click here.

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