From the vault: a stroke of genius

As the saying goes, every great genius has a touch of madness. This week Cosmos  brings you some fascinating accounts of how a genius is created, and how they can be defined.

A different kind of genius

When it comes to animal intelligence, your best friend may be smarter than you think. Read more

Do you have to be nuts to be a genius?

A genius can see, hear and imagine what others cannot. But these gifts can come at a cost, including mood swings and difficulty comprehending social norms and expressing emotions. Is this the price you have to pay to be a genius? Read more

The Genius Factory: The Secret History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank

In February 1980, an article in the Los Angeles Times announced the existence of The Repository for Germinal Choice – a name that seemed straight out of an Isaac Asimov novel. But this was not science fiction. This was real. Read more

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