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It’s worth repeating: science has never been more important or interesting. Scientists are working to return us to a freer life by creating safe COVID vaccines; considering how to create new sustainable solutions with our finite resources; searching further out through the galaxy and deeper into fundamental particle physics.

They’re also solving real-world problems – from crunching the data driving bushfire response, to harnessing AI technology for the good, to ensuring the vaccine rollout, well, rolls out.

From now, we’ll be giving you more fresh science news in the subscriber-only COSMOS WEEKLY.

COSMOS WEEKLY is an e-publication with the best new science stories, great ideas, the facts behind the news and worlds of possibility. All new offerings – every Friday – that are fresh, filling, and with lashings of wonder and awe.  The perfect wrap on the week, and kick-start for your weekend.

If you’re an existing Cosmos magazine subscriber you’ll receive an exclusive offer to get the Weekly. There are answers to some frequently asked questions here, and you can subscribe to COSMOS WEEKLY here.

Your COSMOS just got bigger. Don’t leave home without it.

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