3D sharks! New interactive online display brings oceans to life

A new three-dimensional, interactive online display which aims to bring the ocean to life with highly detailed models of sharks and rays has been released as part of Shark & Ray Awareness Day, celebrated annually on July 14.

The online exhibit is hosted on the Save Our Seas Foundation’s (SOSF’s) World of Sharks website.

Two sharks real one 3d model
Photo: Byron Dilkes Rendered Image: Digital Life Project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst USA.

World of Sharks already introduces infographics, podcasts, species cards and topic pages.

The latest addition to the website includes interactive 3D models of white sharks and manta rays designed by the Digital Life project based at the University of Massachusetts.

“I was really wanting to create something 3D and interactive, where visitors to the World of Sharks can explore in an engaging way that highlights the unique physiology and evolution of sharks and rays and demystifies their unique adaptations,” explains Jade Schultz, content manager for the SOSF.

The 3D models are open access, and free to view and download for non-profit use.

More than one-third of shark and ray species are threatened with extinction.

“The key to all our understanding of sharks – why they do what they do and what is needed to help them recover – relies on there being a foundation of basic, reliable life history information,” Dr Lea says.

Visitors to the SOSF Shark Education Centre (SOSF-SEC) in Cape Town, South Africa can explore the shore near the Dalebrook marine protected area to understand the ocean home of sharks, rays and other marine life.

But the SOSF-SEC has also set up a new website to provide 3D models of sharks found in southern Africa’s largest bay, False Bay.

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