Ant or bee? T. rex or Minmi as a dino pet? These are the real questions science must answer!

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By Cosmos

Cosmos asked the tough questions in its Would you rather? podcast series.

Among them was would you rather be a bee or an ant? Cosmos journalists Imma Perfetto and Jacinta Bowler weighed up the pros and cons of buzzing around in a colony of butt-waggling bees, or tied to a super-colony of billions of ants.

It is an interesting intersection of insects that will leave you scratching your head – not from an insect bite or sting, but from wondering which you would choose!

In another episode, Cosmos journalists Petra Stock and Evrim Yazgin debated whether they would prefer a Tyrannosaurus rex or small Australian herbivore Minmi as their chosen dinosaur pet.

The T. rex has some obvious, toothy drawbacks. But the two came to discover that there are advantages to either dino pal choice.

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