Voting to determine the Top 10 has closed

The Top 10 have been decided! Vote here.

After almost 4 weeks of vigorous and passionate support from mammal enthusiasts, we’re finally down to the last legs of the inter-category voting for 2023’s Australian Mammal of the Year competition.

Voting closes at midnight AEST tonight – Wednesday 9 August – so it’s your last chance to ensure your chosen competitor makes it to the Top 10. Get your last minute votes in here!

The mammals with the most votes in each of the 8 categories, plus the 2 next highest-voted mammals overall, will make up the Top 10.

Once voting closes we’ll scrutineer the votes to ensure that, like last year, passionate supporters haven’t guaranteed their mammal’s place with any anomalous voting. So, get your friends, family, and members of the public involved, instead of spamming the voting form and giving yourself a sprained finger!

The Top 10 will be then announced on Monday 14 August at 12pm AEST.

This will mark the start of the next exciting phase of voting, with daily knock-out rounds whittling away at the finalists.

Voting for the Top 10 will begin at 12pm AEST and remain open for 22 hours until 10am AEST on Tuesday 15 August. We’ll tally the votes and determine the unlucky mammal that received the least support, knock it out of the competition, and announce the Top 9 at 12pm AEST.

Then, the tally will be wiped and voting will begin anew, repeating until our Top 3 are announced on Monday 21 August. At the conclusion of the 3 thrilling final days of voting our Australian Mammal of the Year, and 2nd and 3rd place runner ups, will be announced on Thursday 24 August.

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