The marvellous 2022 Mammal of the Year finalists

With just three species left in the running, the 2022 Australian Mammal of the Year contest had well and truly reached the pointy end of things.

The southern bent-wing bat, mountain pygmy possum, and dingo battled their way through to the final rounds of the competition, but who will ultimately emerge victorious?

We spoke to three mammal experts about what exactly makes Australia’s over 300 mammals species so incredibly special, and how a contest like Mammal of the Year can help raise much-needed awareness about our lesser-known, misunderstood, or endangered native mammals.

And of course, why their favourite species should be crowned the winner!


Dr Emmi van Harten – Coordinator – Southern Bent-wing Bat National Recovery Team, Zoos Victoria.

Professor Euan Ritchie – Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Deakin University.

Dr Marissa Parrott – Reproductive Biologist, Zoos Victoria.

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