Australian Mammal of the Year: nominations close midnight tonight!

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Voting for Australian Mammal of the Year 2023 is now open!

To vote, and for more information about the voting process, click here.

Animal lovers have just a few hours to nominate their favorite mammal to ensure it stands a chance of being supported in Cosmos’ Australian Mammal of the Year (AMOTY) 2023.

In just the past two weeks more than 600 nominations have been submitted, and the top 96 will be listed in this unique competition.

AMOTY coordinator Imma Perfetto says some mammals have received more than 30 separate nominations, while some others have received only a single submission, or worse, none.

“Last year’s overall winner, the southern bent-wing bat, received just a handful of nominations,” Imma says, “but the cute little critter, about as heavy as 50 cent piece, went on to become Australia’s favorite mammal.

“The resulting publicity helps with conservation measures and greater appreciation of this amazing creature by the wider community.

“This year we are also highlighting the habitat the mammals come from and the role these species play in shaping their environments.

“People can nominate as many animals as they want, as many times as they want.”

Nominations close at 12am AEST tonight, time is ticking – so get nominating!

Once nominations close, the Cosmos team will shortlist the top 96 nominees into 8 voting categories.

Then, voting for species within those categories will officially open this Friday 14 July.

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