Should you care about your BMI?

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As a society, we’re obsessed with weight. One way to measure it – the BMI – has been a mainstay of our society for decades. But is it the best way to understand our collective health?

In the fifth episode of ‘Debunks’, the new podcast series from the Cosmos newsroom team and Nine Podcasts, science journalist Matthew Ward Agius straps on his bike helmet to start a new miniseries on weight. In this episode he’ll be investigating the dreaded BMI.

Joined by Dr Evangeline Mantzioris and Dr Emma Beckett, they unpack our preconceptions and the surprising history of the Body Mass Index.

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Debunks is a science podcast that asks questions that you actually want to know the answer to. 

Each week a journalist in the Cosmos newsroom expertly guides listeners through the science topics of the day, from EVs and bushfires to Ozempic. Plus we unpack all the misinformation that comes with it.

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