What’s the best music to study to? 

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By Cosmos

Have you ever been trying to study and turn on some music, but discover that what you’ve picked is just too good? Instead of focusing on your work, you end up vibing with the song.

Jorja, a year 12 student and robotics enthusiast wanted to know why, and so she hooked up her own brain to find out.

Explore Jorja’s brain on music, why jazz might be the most meditative and why you need to keep an eye on those gamma waves.

Podcast Next Gen is a collaboration between Cosmos Magazine and the National Youth Science Forum. The reporters are year 12 students from across Australia – the next generation of scientists, science journalists and podcasters.

These ‘shortcast’ episodes have been written and recorded by the students, giving them the opportunity to work with real science journalists and editors to make their science concept come to life.

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