Latest COVID-19 data from Australia

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COVID-19 cases continue to rise across Australia as NSW recorded its four-millionth case since the pandemic and Australia clears 11.5 million in total.

Excluding Queensland, which is now referring the public to the federal health department for COVID-19 data, the remaining States and Territories reported just under 29,000 new cases in the last seven days.

Those jurisdictions that have reported all saw increases in observed cases.

Queensland Health notes that weekly COVID-19 case totals will continue to be reported alongside other notifiable conditions here. It is yet to provide an update for the most recent week.

A spokesperson told Cosmos, “COVID-19 is an established and ongoing notifiable health condition and no longer treated as a public health emergency. In line with all notifiable conditions, we publish weekly COVID-19 case numbers. We closely monitor all notifiable condition case numbers to provide accurate and timely advice to the community where appropriate.”

“Queensland’s response to the pandemic was critical in vaccinating most of the State’s population against COVID-19 and we continue to provide ongoing support to the community about how to protect themselves against COVID-19. The most important message to the community is remaining up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations and staying home if unwell.”

New COVID-19 cases in Australia by state/territory

Total COVID-19 Cases by state/territory

COVID-19 deaths in Australia

A further 151 deaths were recorded across seven states and territories (excluding Queensland).

Deaths in Australia by state/territory

Hospitalisations and ICU by state/territory

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