COVID-19 in Australia by the numbers: Week ending 3 February

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COVID-19 case numbers continue to slowly decline, but at the lowest rate since mid-December.

There was also a marked decrease in weekly deaths and hospitalisations across the states and territories.

The 18,376 cases reported across the states and territories is the lowest figure reported since governments converted to weekly reporting in October.

Nationally, there has been no change to the coverage of first, second and third vaccine doses, with a marginal increase in fourth dose uptake.

New South Wales

NSW reported 6,567 new cases and 88 deaths in the past week. 1031 people were hospitalised and 19 people are in ICU. Surveillance reports show the recombinant XBF and NSW-origin BR.2 subvariants account for the majority of SARS-CoV-2 sequences by NSW Health. BA.2.75 accounts for 17% of genomes sequenced.


Victoria had 3,056 new cases this week (down from 3,446) and 70 deaths (down from 149 reported last week). Week-on-week hospitalisations decreased by 17, with 7 people in ICU.


Queensland reported 4,414 new cases (4,908 last week), and almost half as many deaths (35, down from 69). 226 people were hospitalised, with 18 – up from six last week – in ICU.

Western Australia

WA’s weekly COVID-19 statistics continue to drop. 2,146 cases were reported this week, along with 11 deaths (down from 36 last week). 154 people are hospitalised with two in ICU.

South Australia

South Australia reported 1,286 new cases and another 14 deaths. 65 people were hospitalised with five (up from 2) in ICU. Over 40% of genomic samples analysed in SA were BA.2 and its lineages, most of which were the BA.2.75 strain, while another quarter of were BA.5 and its variants (predominantly BQ.1). The recombinant XBF variant accounts for a third of samples.


Tasmania reported about 100 fewer cases this week, with 321 reported this week and three deaths. 18 people were hospitalised with one person in ICU.


The ACT reported 420 new cases (dropping from 582) and five deaths. 11 people were hospitalised this week – its lowest figure since monthly reporting started.

Northern Territory

166 new cases and no deaths (its fourth consecutive week without a COVID-related fatality) but 14 people in hospital.

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