COVID-19 in Australia by the numbers: Week ending 24 March

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Australia’s autumn COVID-19 wave continues with increased numbers of hospitalisations across the country.

It comes despite a modest increase since last week’s jump in new cases.

Just over 22,500 new COVID cases were reported this week, slightly up on the 22,288 registered the week before.

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There was a decline in the total number of deaths, however, with 74 reported across the country, down from 107 last week. It’s the lowest weekly mortality report since 11 November.

Hospitalisations and ICU admissions are up, a potentially better indicator of the current COVID wave’s true nature since the relaxation of compulsory home-testing and isolation rules.

The nationwide hospitalisation figure was 1,436, a similar number to that in reports at the beginning of February. Week-to-week new cases were down in New South Wales and Western Australia, while other states saw a jump in their totals, such as South Australia with a 23% rise.

Recombinant variants appear to make up the highest proportion of viral lineages circulating.

COVID-19 in Australia

New South Wales

New cases reported: 8,563 (8905 last week)
Deaths: 22 (22 last week)
Hospitalisations: 873 (834 last week)
ICU: 13 (13 last week)


New cases reported: 4,467 (3960 last week)
Deaths: 25 (29 last week)
Hospitalisations: 152 (114 last week)
ICU: 10 (4 last week)


New cases reported: 3,207 (3049 last week)
Deaths: 16 (17 last week)
Hospitalisations: 176 (247 last week)
ICU: 5 (3 last week)

Western Australia

New cases reported: 2,015 (2625 last week)
Deaths: 7 (29 last week)
Hospitalisations: 64 (59 last week)
ICU: 1 (1 last week)

South Australia

New cases reported: 2,888 (2347last week)
Deaths: 2 (8 last week)
Hospitalisations: 135 (59 last week)
ICU: 5 (3 last week)


New cases reported: 748 (722 last week)
Deaths: 2 (1 last week)
Hospitalisations: 19 (14 last week)
ICU: 0 (0 last week)


New cases reported: 515 (516 last week)
Deaths: 0 (1 last week)
Hospitalisations: 14 (14 last week)
ICU: 1 (0 last week)

Northern Territory

New cases reported: 105 (164 last week)
Deaths: 0 (0 last week)
Hospitalisations: 5 (4 last week)
ICU: 0

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