COVID-19 in Australia by the numbers: Week ending 24 February

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Australia’s two-month COVID-19 case-dip has come to an end, with new cases in every state jumping in the last two weeks.

There were a further 322 cases reported across states and territories this week, adding to last week’s increase of 645 new cases.

Prior to this, new weekly cases had been in decline across Australia for two months from a December high point.

Although the 18,722 new cases reported in Australia this week is low in relative terms, it remains a highly conservative number with compulsory test reporting phased out last year.

COVID-19 in Australia

New South Wales

NSW reported 6,545 new cases (up from 6,033 the week prior), 47 deaths (down from 51), 818 hospitalisations (down from 844) and 18 people in ICU (down from 23). Surveillance reports indicate an increase in XBB.1.5 and BA.2.75 sub-lineages circulating in the community.


Victoria reported 3,052 new cases (down from 3,950), 33 deaths (down from 56), 101 hospitalisations (down from 106) and five people in ICU (down from nine).


Queensland reported 3,950 new cases (down from 4,166), 26 deaths (up from 24), 234 hospitalisations (up from 121) and eight people in ICU (up from five).

Western Australia

WA reported 2,278 new cases (up from 2,086), two deaths (down from four), 74 hospitalisations (down from 95) and two people in ICU (no change).

South Australia

SA reported 1,777 new cases (up from 1,720), 14 deaths (up from seven), 46 hospitalisations (up from 42) and two people in ICU (down from five).


Tasmania reported 489 new cases (up from 465), two deaths (down from three), eight hospitalisations (down from 14) and one in ICU (no change).


The ACT reported 525 new cases (up from 487), no deaths (six last week), nine hospitalisations (down from 10) and no one in ICU (no change).

Northern Territory

The NT reported 106 new cases (up from 99), no deaths (three last week) and five hospitalisations (down from six).

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