COVID-19 in Australia by the numbers: Week ending 27 January

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Case numbers continue to decline across Australia’s states and territories, however reported deaths in some jurisdictions have increased.

Hospitalisations and ICU numbers are down across the board.

While official reporting remains a minimum figure, given individuals are not obliged to report positive results, January 27’s numbers continue the downward case trajectory from over 110,000 reported cases before Christmas, to barely 20,000 this week.

Nationally, there has been no change to the coverage of first, second and third vaccine doses, with a marginal increase in fourth dose uptake.

New South Wales

NSW reported 7,653 new cases in the last week, nearly half the weekly total from a fortnight ago. 94 deaths were reported, along with shy of 100 fewer hospitalisations. Surveillance reports continue to show the the recombinant XBF subvariant and NSW-origin BR.2 subvariant to be the most common form of the SARS-CoV-2 virus detected in samples.


Victoria had 3,446 new cases this week (down from 4,912) and 149 deaths. Over 100 fewer hospitalisations were recorded in the state’s seven-day average, with 13 people in intensive care.


Queensland reported 4,908 new cases (a drop in over 1,000 from the previous week’s total), however its weekly mortality count increased, with 69 lives lost in this week’s reporting period (up from 48 the week prior). 243 people were hospitalised in Queensland along with six in ICU.

Western Australia

WA reported 2,727 new infections this week (down from 3,690) and 36 deaths, 171 hospitalisations and two intensive care admissions.

South Australia

1,494 new South Australian cases were reported to SA Health in the last seven days, along with 14 deaths. 74 people were hospitalised, bringing the number of admissions below the 100 mark for the first time since mid-November.


462 Tasmanians tested positive in the last week, with the state reporting four lives lost. 36 people were hospitalised across the state with one person in ICU.


The ACT’s 582 cases marked the lowest weekly total reported for the nation’s capital since late October. Four lives were reported lost in the ACT, along with 22 hospitalisations and 1 ICU admission

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory reported fewer than 200 new cases for the first time since the first major outbreaks in the Top End. No COVID-19 deaths were reported again this week.

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