COVID-19 in Australia by the numbers this week

Australia’s COVID-19 numbers continue to decline as all states and territories dipped below the 10,000 new case mark for the first time since October.

However newly reported deaths in some states continued to increase this week.

Overall, Australia saw more than 27,500 new positive cases recorded this week – a week-on-week decline of 35%.

Cumulatively, around 15,000 fewer cases have been tallied in each of the last three weeks’ worth of state and territory reports.

Nationally, 92% of eligible people have received their first dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, 89.6% have completed the full dose, 72.2% have received a booster and 44.5 (up 0.1%) have received a fourth dose.

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New South Wales

NSW reported 9,062 new cases in the last reporting period (down from 14,053) and 156 deaths. According to surveillance reports, the BR.2 subvariant is the most common form of the SARS-CoV-2 virus detected in samples, while the XBF subvariant is seen to be increasing. Epidemiological reports note that XBB1.5 variants do not appear to be increasing.

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Victoria’s case numbers continue to decline, with 4,912 cases reported this week (down from 7,908) and 156 reported deaths. Hospitalisations continued their downward trend with 30% of admissions unvaccinated. While 6.7% of eligible Victorians are unvaccinated, they currently account for 30% of hospital admissions. XBF infections continue to increase (now accounting for over a third of infections).

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Queensland reported 5,940 new cases and the loss of 48 lives this week, along with 305 hospital admissions.

Western Australia

3,690 new infections were reported in Western Australia this week. 21 deaths were also reported. 216 people are currently hospitalised and three are in ICU.

South Australia

SA reported 2,053 (down from 3,261 last week) and 22 deaths (down from 38), with 102 people in hospital. Contrary to its eastern neighbours, the BA.2 variants account for the highest proportion of cases (around 35%) while XBF is the cause of 3 in 10 infections.


Tasmania’s new cases numbers have fallen beneath 1,000 for the first time since late October, with 765 new cases (down from 1,230). Three new deaths were reported, and


The ACT also dropped beneath the one thousand new case threshold, reporting 806 new cases this week. No new deaths were reported in the capital.

Northern Territory

The NT has recorded 319 new cases and no new deaths this week, with 24 (up from 23) patients in hospital with COVID-19.

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